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PomPom is a unique private catering service.

We provide a bespoke experience, focused on the joy of sharing exceptional food in good company.




With over eight years experience working in high-end restaurants and chalets, artisanal bakeries, boulangeries and luxury private catering in the UK and France, PomPom delivers a unique offering of expertise to the private dining world.

Established by myself - Roo Hasan, PomPom was created out of a passion for good food and entertaining.

Most people have a food which reminds them of a childhood memory; almost all of my most nostalgic memories are rooted in food, eating and sharing. Having dual British Indian heritage, my foodie memories are a mix of clashing smells, tastes, textures, colours, cultures and traditions, but always rooted in the recurring theme of feasting.

There is an untranslatable Spanish word which captures this feeling for me; Sobremesa describes the time spent after a good meal - the conversation, digesting, relaxing, enjoying. Certainly not rushing. Not reserved for weekends.