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Catering Services

PomPom offers a custom service for family holidays and events, including full-time catering, dinner parties in your own home, canapé events, press days, barbecues, conferences and weddings.



Driven by uncompromising standards, rest assured that each aspect of your event will be considered with a faultless attention to detail.

You will have your own menu designed around your individual needs and preferences. Every curated dish is meticulously selected to reflect your personality.

All ingredients are thoughtfully sourced, focusing on seasonality, flavour and technique - allowing superb ingredients to sing without being fussed and over complicated. Menus are utterly unique to each client, but focused of shared food; exceptional food becomes a necessary resource for connection, community and relationships. 




Menu Planning

Chefs and Catering

Event and Table Design

Floral Design

Event Staffing & Hosting

Full Clear Down



Holidays & Chalets

Birthday Parties

Engagement Parties

Christmas Parties

Hen Parties


Corporate Events

Launch Parties


PomPom is all about flexibility and catering to exactly your needs. So if you have any question about our services then

Get in touch