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PomPom Takeway

Want the taste of authentic PomPom Indian food without the private dining? Hoorah! Once or twice a month we do a special Takeaway night, where you can come to our home base in Chamonix, and pick up a gorgeous Indian Thali to enjoy at home.


Don’t miss out on the next Takeaway night!

We’re sold out for takeaway night this week, but it won’t be long until the next one. There are only ever 30 slots for each of our takeaway nights, so they sell out fast. Don’t worry though, sign up to our newsletter below and we’ll let you know when our next takeaway night goes on sale before anyone else.

Our last night was a huge success, check out what we cooked!

Thali Feast
from 25.00

The word “Thali” refers to the way meals are eaten in India – where a selection of delicious & nutritious dishes are served together.

All our Thali’s come with 1 curry of your choice, 1 Daal, 1 Subji, 1 side of basmati rice and a selection of homemade chutneys and dips - enough to fill the hungriest of bellies!

This week we’ve got an incredible feast for you…

Curry - Keralan Chicken 
Kerala, in the south of India, has a very distinctive cooking style which reflects its verdant, tropical climate. In this Keralan chicken curry, also known as kozhi rarutha, a dry-roasted masala blend made from a mixture of spices, chillies and coconut adds fantastic flavour to the dish, whilst the coconut oil and fresh coconut temper gives it a gorgeous Keralan aroma. 

Curry - Beef Shatkora 
This Bangladeshi beef shatkora recipe is a dish of contrasts. Pieces of beef are slowly cooked with aromatic and earthy spices (such as black cardamom, star anise and cinnamon) and lifted with the prized shatkora, a fragrant, bitter and slightly sweet citrus fruit commonly used in Sylheti dishes.

Curry - Chana Masala (vg)
Chickpeas cooked in a spicy tomato-based sauce with the added tang of the amazing tamarind. In north India, no wedding or party is complete until you have a Chana Masala on the menu, which is no surprise as it utterly delicious, as well as being super healthy. No two Chana’s taste the same as each Indian household has its take on how its made, but this is my Grandma’s recipe which in my opinion, is the best Chana Masala out there. 

Tarka Daal (vg) Perhaps the most staple Indian dish of them all. The ultimate comfort food. Buttery yellow lentils cooked with a secret blend of tempered spices.

Subji : Keralan Cabbage Thoran (vg)
The very heart and soul of any Keralan sadya (banquet or feast), cabbage thoran is wonderful lightly spiced, subtly balanced dry curry that allows the flavour of the vegetable to shine through. An especially brilliant accompaniment to the Keralan chicken curry but goes well with any curry and rice. 

Basmati Rice
The undisputed king of rice!

Chutneys and Dips
A selection of three homemade chutneys and dips - Mango & Pineapple Chutney (vg), Kefir Raita (v), Tempered Garlic Chutney (vg)